The Drone School


Drone school is an initiative by dronepal .We believe the success of any technology based service providers depends on the actual status of technology in a country and the fact that whether the technology is embedded in strong analytics ,policy, and partnership networks.


Drone Captains

We plan to visit all major technical colleges all around the country and create a network of youths and students who knows how to fly a drones and are really passionate about use of drones in any ways. Drone captains as such are our ambassadors , one from such technical institution.

Drone Pilot Trainings

Nepal needs more drone pilots. Once the industry is well setup , there will be demand of hundreds and thousands of people with proper skills. We will provide professional grade trainings on use of drones…All of our trainings will strongly disseminate code of conduct details for sensible use of the technology.

Training of Trainers

It includes providing drones training to trainers who are already sectoral experts. Example includes drone use trainings to security personals, drone use trainings to disaster responders and emergency operation center staffs etc.

Drone Maintenance Training

With the influx of drones in our market, the demand for able drone maintenance manpower is largely lacking. We provide structured drone maintenance and repair courses to people interested in making a career out of it.

Drone assembly and robotics Training

Drone assembly, building and hacking trainings and workshops are presented in our module specially designed for technical students and tinkerers who want to create their own drones and make their use in actual use case scenarios. We facilitate drone makers community.

Customized training

It can be anything. Robotics and IOT Training, Drones of agriculture , videography , journalism etc. ,This depends on the need of institutions but we will provide all sort of trainings unless it relates robotics and drones.

Monthly talks and Seminars

We also organize monthly talk inviting speakers from all around the world,showcase local projects, projects by national and international experts. This forum will help maintain interests around this technology.

Consultancy and advocacy

As a dedicated drone company, we believe that it’s our responsibility to help the interested communities in whatever way we can, and hence provide relevant consultancy regarding drones and their usage. We also are continually advocating with policymakers and government officials to facilitate the positive uses of drones while at the same time restricting the potentially wrong uses of drones.