How to work from home: everything you need for remote working

Most also have mounts for tripods, so you can set up your frame for calls. Some higher-end webcams also feature smart zoom features that digitally crop and pan to follow your face when you move around. Although more people than ever are working remotely, not everyone has the same requirements.

As with mice, having the best keyboard for working from home is also important. You’ll want something nice and comfortable, as again, you’ll be using it for long periods of time. With many of us around the world continuing to work from home in 2021, you may be looking at exactly what hardware you’ll need to be productive, and where to start.

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If you prefer the flexibility to work from your home office in the morning and from your kitchen table in the afternoon, a high-performance Bluetooth speaker is what you need. Our preferred choice are the beautiful yet surprisingly powerful BeoPlay P6 by Bang & Olufsen. They are easy to carry around and offer excellent sound quality. They also come with an integrated microphone if you want to host a conference call with multiple people on your end. When working from home, chances are that you’ll rely heavily on your internet connection. For optimal setup, it’s worth investing in a quality home WiFi modem and router.

things needed to work from home

And if this superbly reliable wireless model is out of budget, you can also snap it up in a wired version instead. We all know that drinking more water is good for us but, while it might seem like a simple task, most of us fail to have a sip of anything other than coffee before lunchtime. If, like me, you struggle to meet your daily quota of H20, I highly recommend investing in a motivational water bottle. After drinking 2l every day for a few weeks my concentration has improved, I feel less tired and my skin looks better – just be prepared for more toilet breaks. I’d avoided giving in to the wireless earbuds craze until quite recently, wondering how much more convenience they could really award me when my trusty wired pair had served me for so long.

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Interviewing people by phone is one of those classic work from home jobs. As most surveys are taken via apps, it’s easy to fit this around your schedule. They offer six different entry routes based on experience, and their franchise team can advise which suits your background best. You get to help people book their dream holidays, and make commissions based on every product you sell. In addition to technical knowledge, you will need good communication skills, including the ability to explain things clearly and concisely while giving a consistent service. Customer service jobs will generally pay a little more than minimum wage, and you may be required to work set shifts.

Stav Ziv, a senior editor at The Muse, made the case pre-pandemic for why it’s worth splurging on a pair of your own for work and other settings. Luckily, my lease was up in just a few months, and moving into a new, larger space allowed me to rethink my work-from-home setup. And it turns out many of my coworkers here at The Muse were on the same page. Most of us were adjusting to working 100% remotely for the first time—and in finding ways to make ourselves comfortable and stay productive long term, we discovered products that made a huge difference.

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